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 New Federal Legislation

Recent Federal and State legislation requires States to allow WIC participants to redeem their food instruments at any authorized vendor (grocer). Starting in july of 2006, California WIC participants will begin receiving food instruments that no longer specify the grocer at which the participant must redeem their food instruments. The food instruments will be generic to allow the participants to redeem them at the authorized grocer of their choosing.

 New Grocer Requirements

Under AAV, it w ill be necessary for the grocer to notify WIC of the serial number from each food instrument they redeem since the food instruments will no longer be “grocer specific”. Once WIC receives this notification, WIC will then notify the State Treasurer’s Office (STO) that those food instruments can be paid. Without this notification, WIC will not be able to authorize the STO to make payment to the grocer.

 CKS AAV Solutions

CKS has worked with Nutricion Fundamental and the state to develop and implement solutions for these new grocer requirements. We have developed 2 complete solutions to help the grocers satisfy these requirements.

 Solution #1 - PC Based/Integrated Solution

Our PC-based solution can function as a stand-alone system or we can integrate it with your existing point-of-sale or back office software. Details coming soon...

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